Weeks 03-04 – Roughing It

Demolition is done, the dumpster is gone. Aside from losing hot water twice, a natural gas leak, and having no heat since Thursday night (as nighttime temperatures dipped back into the 30s), things are going pretty well.

Shots from April 14:  new framing going up in the bathroom

This is the fun part, both in terms of starting to see everything come together but also the process of checking dimensions and working with the contractor to stay at least one step ahead of potential problems.

The beauty of rough carpentry

Our contractor, Charles, asked for a full-size set of drawings and cut-sheets for all the appliances and fixtures on the job. I left these for him one evening as a present.

Presents for Charles and Craig

Initially, we were going to do without having a washer/dryer during the renovation, but Charles suggested hooking them up in the basement temporarily. We since decided to make that a permanent home for the laundry and to use the back hall for storage.

Shots from April 15: plumbing starting to be roughed in, and more demolition work in the laundry / back hall

Charles had misunderstood the drawings and not demolished the east wall of the kitchen in week 02, so the crew were catching up last week, which was the last week we had the dumpster.


By the end of week 04, the plumbing and electrical rough-ins were about 95% complete. Floors were starting to be shimmed and leveled, with luan hardboard going down in the bathroom in preparation for the radiant heat installation. We also spent some time coordinating low-voltage wiring for LED lighting transformers, which will be installed in the backs of cabinets.

Shots from April 22: insulation going in and cement board for bathroom going up, pluming and electrical rough-ins mostly complete

Next week, we should be having the plumbing and electrical inspections, which will allow us to start closing up those walls. So going into the end of the month, we should have the rough inspection complete, which will mark 50% completion overall. About on schedule.

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