Week 06 – Beginning Finishes

Things are moving quickly now. After weeks of living with demolition and raw construction, we can start to envision how things will turn out as the finishes start going in.

Last Saturday, the plumber installed tubing for the radiant floor, and Monday the tile installer came in to get the lay of the land. I spent part of the day laying out all the limestone flooring in our living room to get the grain and pattern right. Meanwhile, Charles and Craig continued to install the Viega radiant floor system in the kitchen.

May 5-6: shower membrane and mud job in preparation for tile installation

May 5: progress on the kitchen flooring

By the end of the day Wednesday, most of the blue board was up in the bathroom in preparation for plaster, and the tile installer had begun prepping the wall surfaces. The electrician was here in the morning to fish low-voltage wiring to the ceiling pocket for an overlooked LED accent light.

May 6-7: sudden transformation from rough construction to finish plaster.

I had a sudden regret about the decision to have the white mosaic tile turn from the wall to the shower floor. Concerned that it would show through the teak shower mat, I decided to order the same tile in grey so that everything below the teak would disappear in the shadows.

May 7: new Ann Sacks Chisai mosaic tile in “smoke,” alongside limestone flooring

On Thursday I rushed home in the late afternoon while there was still sunlight, so that I could select grout colors. Another round of self-doubt and second-guessing, but I think it will turn out fine. Fingers crossed. On Friday afternoon, we had a couple hours’ panic when we couldn’t find the cat. The plumbers had gone into the living room to drain the radiators in connection with setting up the radiant floors. Fergus eventually reappeared. We never figured out where he was hiding.

May 8-9: tile installed in the shower floor and a good portion of the window wall; plastering complete in the kitchen and back hall

May 9: details of mosaic tile in shower

May 9: last remnants of original construction before the trim goes back up in the bathroom 



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  1. m.a. says:

    Ferguson will certainly love the flooring. You’ll be tripping over him all the time. 😉

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