Week 05 – Infrastructure

This week we passed all the rough inspections, and things are starting to move rather quickly. Kitchen cabinets arrive next Friday, so the pressure is on to install the radiant heat and finish flooring this week.

One of the biggest changes this week was re-enclosing the kitchen, which was kind of odd after weeks of seeing through the bathroom into the kitchen. Charles installed continuous half-inch plywood as blocking for the cabinetry. Drywall will go on top this coming week.

From April 30: plywood blocking in kitchen on east and west walls

There is still work remaining to level the kitchen floor before installing the tracks for the radiant heat, so this week was focused more on the bathroom, partly because the tile installer is planning to start work on Monday.

From April 30: cement board going up in the bathroom, exhaust fan and diffuser boxes in place

From May 1: tracks for radiant heating installed, exhaust diffuser boxes ducted to fan

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