Heath Ceramics

Our Heath Ceramics tile order arrived Monday before last. After UPS damaged roughly half of our quarry tile shipment, we were rather apprehensive about how well they survived the journey from California.

I finally had time over the weekend to unwrap all 141 of them, and to our relief, they all arrived in perfect condition, except one piece, which had a chip in the glaze. Not a big deal. Had there been significant damage or breakage, it would have set us back at least a month in our schedule. Good luck getting UPS to pay for liquidated damages for that!

These guys were great to work with. For architects and designers, they provide free samples – though normally they’re only a buck a piece – and for glazes that have a lot of variation, they will send several samples so that you can assess this, which is actually a very appealing aspect of the material. In the end, it was hard to choose among so many good options.


We are using Heath Ceramics for an accent wall in the shower, and we chose their Dimensional tile with the oval pattern. We will install them horizontally and stacked, and occasionally quarter-turned to play up the texture (see sheet A3). For the color, we decided on New Seafoam G12.2, which varies from a slightly warm to a slightly cool green. If we stay on schedule, they should be installed by early May.




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