For the record

We are packed, vacated, and ready to go – demolition starts on April Fools Day!

But before ripping out the crap that the previous owners installed, some of which goes back to the 1980s, we wanted to record things more-or-less as they were when we moved in three years ago. You can see the preposterous location of the range. Our cat Fergus decided to conduct his own inspection while I was taking these, and he agrees. And you can see where Allison experimented with paint colors. For the kitchen, we’re most likely going with Benjamin Moore’s Pernod, which is on the far left by the door when looking at the west wall (see second image in the gallery). For the bathroom, in light of the finishes we’ve selected, we will be going with a more subdued paint color, TBD. Stay tuned.

Kitchen and pantry:


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