Final construction drawings

Final construction drawings, hot off the press.

We’re about a week away from packing up in preparation for demolition, which will start at the beginning of April. Still chasing down a few details and sourcing some products, but the major pieces are in place. I expect there will be some detailing on the fly during construction … sketches on walls and scraps of paper.

demolition plan

sheet A0

new construction floor plan

sheet A1

interior elevations – kitchen 

sheet A2

interior elevations – bathroom and pantry 

sheet A3

reflected ceiling plan and lighting / electrical plan

sheet A4



2 responses to Final construction drawings

  1. David says:

    Mark and Allison,
    Looks great. One item you may want to review is how the refriderator door opens toward the window to make sure the handle does not break the window. When our refriderator door opens fully is bumps into the cabinet hardware scratching the door. This detail was missed in the design.

  2. markcareaga says:

    Hi David,
    Good catch! I think we will be okay, though … the fridge handle will hit the sash before it breaks the glass. But definitely something for us to keep an eye on.
    Thanks for taking a look. –Mark

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