Day one: done

The guys started ripping things out today … all the kitchen cabinetry, the kitchen sink and counter, and pantry shelving are now in our front yard, sure to disappear soon, or else find their way into the dumpster.

It took me a few minutes to realize what the pink paint was. It’s on the old plaster that had been covered by drywall, which the previous owner used as a surface for mounting the cabinets we ripped out.  The pink was where the old sink was, with cabinets wrapping up, over, and down to the other side. You can see the old vent for this sink capped a couple feet below. Our previous owner could have used that for the new sink but decided instead to have an illegal vent in the sink cabinet. Thanks, dude.

kitchen demo

Here you can see the old bead board, which was part of the original 1901 construction.

west wall of kitchen

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